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Razor A Scooter
$37.99 - $39.99
This is the original Razor scooter. Designed for ages 5+ with a weight capacity of 143lbs, it is made of aluminum with a weight of 5lbs. Folds flat with adjustable handlebar height. Brakes by stepping on the rear fender.
Razor Mixi Kixi Scooter
This is Razor’s smallest scooter. Designed for age 3+, with a weight capacity of 45lbs, it has three wheels so that it’s more stable for littler guys. It also comes with everything you need to convert it to a two-wheeled scooter when they get the hang of riding. It s made of steel and aluminum and weighs 12lbs. No fender brake.
Razor A5 Lux Scooter
More suitable for adults, the A5 has the largest wheels, a larger overall frame, and a taller stem and bars. This scooter has front suspension for a smoother ride and supports 220lbs. Ages 8+, weighs 8.5lbs.
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